Whey protein concentrates Milei® 35 - Milei® 80

Our product line of whey proteins ranges from Milei® 35 to Milei® 80. These are made from fresh sweet whey using cutting-edge filtration technology.
Owing to their broad range of functions and great quality, MILEI whey protein concentrates and isolates are ideal for numerous areas of application—
from traditional food applications through to specialist nutrition such as infant formulae, clinical nutrition and sports nutrition.

MILEI also offers unique modifications, such as fermented, lactose-reduced, heat-stable and instantized whey protein concentrates and isolates.
We implement product adaptations in line with customer and market requirements, as well as customer-specific blends.


  • MILEI is a pioneer in protein fractionation
  • Outstanding protein quality thanks to gentle processing and drying
  • Defined and balanced nutrient profiles rich in essential and branched-chain amino acids
  • Excellent texturizing, emulsifying foaming and gelling properties
  • Pleasantly neutral flavor and odor
  • Lactose-reduced, heat-resistant and fermented varieties available

Nutrition for Babies and Children Good health from infancy

Breast milk is the best form of nutrition for infants during their initial stages of development and is therefore recommended without any reservations by the WHO. However, if breastfeeding is not possible, high-quality ingredients are needed to produce infant formula and follow-up products.

Clinical Nutrition The best nutrition for a full recovery

By 2050, the global population, aged sixty and above, will have more than doubled. The growing number of older people will also lead to greater challenges in the healthcare system. A greater focus on correct nutrition will therefore become more important as the need for the optimal nutrients with substantially lower calories becomes more important as you age. High-quality proteins are an important key here.

Protein bars Compressed Power

Hypertrophy, rapid regeneration after sports activities, or as a fitness snack— protein bars are in demand with a wide range of functionality, endless flavors and varieties. This is because they are an ideal protein source and help replenish energy reserves.

Fitness Shakes Strong Together

Lots has changed in the sports nutrition segment over the last decade. Alongside Europe and North America, Asia is a growing market. Originally exclusively consumed by strength and endurance athletes the fitness shakes is now just as popular among consumers who wish to stay healthy and fit.. For these consumers, a protein-rich diet and the quick and easy preparation are especially important.

Yoghurt Fun in a Cup or Glass

Yoghurt is very popular—it is believed to have many health-promoting properties. Demand for classic set yogurt and stirred yogurt as well as drinking yoghurt is growing. This is because consumers are paying ever-greater attention to consuming snacks with as much protein and as little fat and sugar as possible.

Ice Cream Fun by the Coneful

Ice cream represents unadulterated pleasure. Customers prefer products that are associated with natural ingredients and authentic recipes.

Chocolate Sweet Dreams

Chocolate is popular the world over. This is why a further increase in demand is forecasted— in particular Asia, with India leading the way and Latin America. Overall, consumer focus is on a certain quality of product - an indicator of this are smaller packaging sizes.

Savory Foods That Certain Something

As a traditional, Allgäu-based company, we like foods that are wholesome and hearty—and offer the ideal solutions for the savory segment.

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