Permeate Milkolac®

Milkolac® is a milk permeate powder with excellent solubility. Unlike whey-based permeate, Milkolac® is made of fresh skim milk. It is produced using ultra-filtration and spray-drying technology. Like Molkolac®, it is partially demineralized and can also be used in higher dosages. The remaining milk minerals and lactose have positive effects on the sensory properties of many foods.


  • Cost-effective alternative to skim milk powder or sweet whey powder
  • Free-flowing powder with mild sweetness
  • Pure and pleasantly milky flavor thanks to the filtration of fresh milk
  • Partial demineralization allows for use in higher dosages



Milk Drinks For Happy Moments

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Milk drinks are a truly classic product and are becoming increasingly popular, in particular in the form of quick on-the-go refreshments. This is because a large selection of these drinks are now available, fully based on customer preferences.

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