Milk minerals Milei® MCA

Milei® MCA is a whey product rich in natural milk minerals, especially milk calcium. It convinces as calcium enrichment product while also providing a rich milk flavor.


  • For enrichment with natural milk minerals, especially milk calcium
  • Supports the typical appearance of milk and a rich milk flavor
  • High dispersibility and heat stability
  • Pleasant mouthfeel
  • Good bulk handling properties
  • Provides additional valuable milk components such as lactose and protein

Baked Goods Good Taste, Guaranteed

While the demand for baked goods remains constant in the USA and Europe, the markets in Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa are highly dynamic.

Chocolate Sweet Dreams

Chocolate is popular the world over. This is why a further increase in demand is forecasted— in particular Asia, with India leading the way and Latin America. Overall, consumer focus is on a certain quality of product - an indicator of this are smaller packaging sizes.

Savory Foods That Certain Something

As a traditional, Allgäu-based company, we like foods that are wholesome and hearty—and offer the ideal solutions for the savory segment.

Milk Drinks For Happy Moments

Milk drinks are a truly classic product and are becoming increasingly popular, in particular in the form of quick on-the-go refreshments. This is because a large selection of these drinks are now available, fully based on customer preferences.

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